WearEver® Ceramic Nonstick Cookware 10-Piece Set Review

wearever pureliving non stick ceramic cookware

With your health being on the line, you can’t take risks settling with a cookware set that allegedly leaches chemicals in your food. A cheap Teflon cookware can potentially pose health hazards according to the leading health organisations. Buying appliances from new brands without reading their actual reviews, could turn out to be a kitchen nightmare. Consequently, I present you my unbiased wearever ceramic cookware review. 

After using the WearEver C944SA ceramic coated cooking set for about a year now, I consider myself eligible to write a detailed review about the product and answer all your questions regarding the credibility of the cookware.

We’ll be discussing various aspects of the cooking set including the extent of quality deterioration of the non-stick ceramic coating, overall performance over time, performance of heat insulated silicone handles, and some other noteworthy variables.

Why Choose WearEver Ceramic Cookware?

One of the major reasons that lured me to start using the ceramic coated non-stick cookware was the alleged health hazards associated with Teflon coated cookware. I came across so many platforms that criticized Teflon cookware for its tendency to deteriorate when used at higher temperatures. For the record, this is my first ever experience with a ceramic coated cookware. I was inclined towards this set owing to the many Wearever ceramic cookware reviews praising it at that time. 

First and foremost, we got to give props to Amazon for their speedy delivery of the cooking set. I received the product the very next day of ordering it. Let us now talk about specific aspects of the cooking set.

Note: Below evaluation is based upon a year of moderately rough use and will definitely provide you a fair idea of what to expect from the product.

WearEver Ceramic Cookware Review

Design Score:

The entire cooking set has an elegant, lustrous finish in the interior that has stayed pretty much the same even after a year of use. I want to bring to attention to the readers that as shown in the pictures, there are two pans featured without a lid. But, both of them can be covered with the smallest lid provided in the set with a perfect fit. So, all of the cooking pots and pans can be covered, just not at the same time.

All the lids have steam-holes that provide adequate pressure for the food to cook fast and save up on fuel consumption. The cooking pots are equipped with silicone handles that display excellent heat insulation. Also, cooking in the oven hasn’t given any trouble as of yet.

To summarize, I’m satisfied with the looks of the product, and the performance of the handles has been exceptionally well too.

WearEver C944SA Pure Living Nonstick Ceramic Coating Scratch Resistant
Non-Stick Score:

The day I started to cook in the pans from this set, I knew the replacement was worth the investment. The ceramic coating of this set is more non-stick than any other Teflon coated cookware I’ve ever used. Also, the coating is cadmium and lead-free. As promised, nothing sticks to the surface of the pans even without the use of any amount of oil or butter. To be fair, I haven’t been gentle with the cooking set for the past year, and I’m genuinely surprised to see the non-stick properties stay loyal.

To the downside, I can only point out a few scratches that possibly developed due to stacking them over one another in the kitchen cabinet. But, they apparently do not exhibit any deterioration in their non-stick behavior despite the rough handling.

Cleaning the pans is not even a task now. Literally, I couldn’t ask for more in the price range I had to offer. I usually clean them with a splash of soap water and wipe it with a washcloth. I personally haven’t ever used a scrubber on them because I never felt the need to.

The worst experience I had with them is the time I left it on the flame for over an hour as I totally forgot about the preparation. The sauce was completely reduced to solid pieces and fell off the pan when Inverted. For the moment, I really thought the saucepan was done for good. There was a black crust left on the surface of the pan which didn’t completely go away after scrubbing it vigorously. The only thing that helped at the time was some baking powder and vinegar.

Quick tip: If you ever experience such a mishap, all you need to do is soak up your pan in a solution of baking powder and vinegar for around 30 minutes and then rinse it off with some soap water. The saucepan works fine as of now and hasn’t given any trouble yet.

Cleaning Score:

The complete set comes with silicone handles for easy handling. The heat insulation property of the handles has been handy and never have I experienced any transfer of heat to them.

Moreover, I’ve been consistently using the pots in the oven at high temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius. One drawback I want to highlight is that the handle of the smallest pan has changed it’s color and looks patchy. It probably developed due to repetitive use in the microwave at high temperatures.

There hasn’t been any significant deterioration in the quality of the handles. The handles are still sturdy and perform very well.

Handle Quality Score:

The cooking set is made up of an aluminum base covered with a ceramic coating. The aluminum base accounts for even heat distribution and cooks food uniformly. Also, the lids have steam-holes that facilitate pressurized cooking leading to faster preparation.

Furthermore, the faster the preparation time, the lesser is the fuel consumption. I’ve noticed although very slight but evidently reduced consumption of fuel myself. There haven’t been issues concerning uneven cooking as well.

Cooking Experience Score:

After using the WearEver pure living ceramic cooking set for more than a year, I am extremely satisfied for what I got against my investment. The whole cooking set displays excellent non-stick behavior. I can barely remember any instance when I was left with something stuck to the surface of my cooking pans.

As nothing stuck to the surface, cleaning the pans was one quick job. Although it is featured as a dishwasher-safe cooking set. I’ve never thought of cleaning it in a dishwasher due to fear of losing the non-stick nature. Moreover, cleaning them hardly takes any effort or time, so I don’t see a reason to put them in the dishwasher.

Coming to the quality of handles, they are extremely rigid and serve their purpose of heat insulation. Also, using them in the oven won’t affect the quality of the handles.

If you too are looking for non-stick cookware and are done with Teflon for good, I strongly recommend you to buy this ceramic set from WearEver cookware. You won’t need another for at least a year or two.

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  1. This may be a dumb question (I’m still a noob in the kitchen), but what am i supposed to boil water in? I’m not supposed to use a cast iron pot and apparently I can’t expose ceramic pots to prolonged high heat. I know boiling water is fairly quick but when I’m making pasteles (Puerto Rican Tamales, basically) I have to leave them boiling for 40min to an hour. Your thoughts please & thank you.

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