T fal Initiatives Cookware Review

T fal initiatives cookware review

The excitement of using Teflon non stick surfaces died away as soon as we realized that it does more harm than good. After the realization of the ill effects of using Teflon cookware, we started looking for a healthy and durable solution for cooking food.

Our search brought us to the this t fal ceramic cookware set, and after trying it for a while, we believe we’re prepared to bring you an honest tfal ceramic cookware review.

We’ve gone up and down to analyze every bit of the t fal initiatives ceramic cookware set, and we believe this is a cookware set that is meant for people who want to shift to healthy alternatives. Read on to know what to expect from t fal ceramic pans in this cookware set.

T fal Initiatives Cookware Set – In Depth Review

What’s Included in the Set?

T fal Initiatives Cookware Set

This amazing cookware set weighs around 14 pounds and is a 14-piece set that’s built to suit all your cooking needs. The set includes an 8.5″ fry pan, 10.5″ fry pan, 11″ covered fry pan, 1qt covered saucepan, 2qt covered saucepan, and a dutch oven. It also comes with four nylon tools. All of this is enough to deal with all of your cooking requirements. From making piping hot stew to handling lip-smacking Spanish omelette, nothing is out of your reach once you have this t fal initiatives ceramic cookware set. Besides, t fal ceramic cookware sets are known to be durable, sturdy and stylish. Every t fal ceramic cookware review concurs that the brand delivers unmatched value for your dollar.

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1. Design

T fal Initiatives Cookware Pan Design

The outlook is amazing, and it fits well with all kinds of kitchen decor. This set has a glossy black exterior and stark white interiors that are durable. Handles are made from phenolic plastic which is heat resistant and makes up for easy manoeuvring. The handles and handles easily fit into the hand, making the cooking process extremely convenient.

The glass surface may get a little heated up if you’re cooking any sauce or gravy for a long time. There is a square griddle which is a nice feature that helps you cook burgers, patties and tortillas better. The nylon tools are very useful, giving you a nice grip and a great cooking experience. All of the lids are vented so that there isn’t any excess moisture build-up making your food soggy.

2. Materials Used

The ceramic coating, as discussed, is extremely nonstick, and the handles are not meant for very hot cooking. The handles can withstand heat up to 350 degrees in the oven and 570 degrees on the stovetop. These pans are made from responsive aluminium offering equal heat distribution and preventing any hot and cold spots on the food. As opposed to 100% solid ceramic cookware, this set is made from an aluminium base and a topical ceramic coating.

This set isn’t suited for induction (find reliable non-stick induction cookware in this article) , but it works very smoothly on stovetops. The surface is scratch-free, and the glossy finish doesn’t wear out even with harshest of use. Ceramic coating also looks resistant to any wear and tear, making the food slip from the surface without any sticking or burns.

3. Performance

We found the performance of this cookware set to be nothing less than the best one within this price range. Despite trying tricky dishes, the cookware offered great cooking without leaving any hot or cold spots. The heat distribution is at par in comparison to its contenders. It is a very lightweight set so even its a bonus if you haven’t cooked with heavy cookware or don’t prefer to. The set is great for people who want to learn how to cook or have very less time to cook.

Since the design makes the set more manageable, you can easily cook multiple dishes without seeing the dreadful side of the kitchen. You can’t cook it to very hot temperatures as handles get hot, but everyday cooking is like a cakewalk with this set.

Last but not least, this cookware has built-in thermo-spot technology that indicates when the cookware has reached the correct temperature to start cooking so no more guesswork when you’ve important guests over for dinner.

4. Cleaning

T fal Initiatives Cookware Review Dishwasher Safe

The product description says it is safe to wash this set in the dishwasher, but we suggest you refrain from doing so. Washing these utensils with hand will help to make sure that the cleaning process is gentle and specified. It also extends the product life, making them last for decades. This article discusses ways that can certainly help you lengthen the life your ceramic coated pots and pans.

But if you don’t have enough time to spare, then we suggest getting gentle detergents. Heavy washing and aggressive detergents harm the product and the ceramic surface in the long run, so keep the washing process on low or medium mode. They also dry very quickly as water slips right over the surface, so cleaning is easy no matter if you choose to go with a manual or automatic way.

5. Warranty

You should always look out for warranty periods whenever you’re buying any product and choose to go for a high warranty period. This cookware set comes with a one year warranty, and we think it’s a reasonable time to judge the quality of the product. Even though we believe that it could have been longer, it is still long enough to find out and get the faulty product exchanged.

Who is the T fal Initiatives Cookware Set for?

This cookware set is meant for people who prefer nutritious and healthy meals cooked at home. The lids seal in all flavours and nutrients of the food, making it delicious enough to win anyone’s heart. Since you don’t face any issues with even cooking so this set works great for someone who cherishes making and eating tasty food.

It has thermo-spot technology making it more efficient and user-friendly. So if you’re looking for a good and healthy cooking experience with the latest technology, then T fal cookware set is meant for you.

The Downsides of the T fal Initiatives Cookware Set

All of the great things come with a few disadvantages, and T fal cookware set is no exception to this. Some customers complained of a long waiting time for shipping, and some complained of bad product quality. We believe the unsuitability with induction is a major drawback as well because a lot of people prefer the benefits of induction cooking over the stovetop. The pan lids are also not exchangeable, so if you damage, then you’re pretty much done for.

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The t fal ceramic cookware set helps you cook healthier, nutritious and delicious meals at home. Stain and scratch-resistant cooking surface make it lasts for a really long time. With this price range, we classify this cookware set as a good deal. This set has it all as from impressive nonstick properties to sturdy design; it has covered all the bases perfectly. Our t fal initiatives ceramic review however reveals that the surface may feel cheap to touch, but it offers a good cooking experience and resists scratches.  We’ve tested this with many dishes, cuisines and temperature ranges and turns out it fares well. We highly recommend this set for new homeowners, newlyweds or career duo to help make your cooking more fun, delicious, quicker and smoother.

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